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[ love ]
:heart:N--Harmonia - Natural:heart:
This is Natural, and you absolutely love him. You realize that he's made some mistakes in the past, and that he's been hurt before, but you promise to never hurt him and to always stay by his side, even now, now that you know that he's the former king of Team Plasma. You will never let him go and will cherish every moment you spend with him. voidcubeshipping ftw

[ pokemon ]
Samurott LVL 48
Driftblim LVL 32
Unfezant LVL 40
Nosepass LVL 27
Skorupi LVL 33
Golduck LVL 37

[ crush(es) ]
yandere-prince - Kouha - slight fangirl crush
( *note - she may have a fangirl crush meaning she admires you, in no way does it mean she loves you on you, but it won't go any further than that. she's loyal to natural c: )

[ close friends ]
yandere-prince - Kouha
This is your first friend, and you really like this guy. He's pretty cool, and Samurott took a liking to him immediately. He showed you a grace of kindness that you never expected from him - he let you ride his tiger. He's even smiling! You find him to be a very good friend and hope it'll last.

[ friends ]
the-caucus-race - Dodo
This is Dodo, and HE IS THE CUTEST THING EVERRRRR. You just wanna keep hugging him. You luffles him so much and wanna be his friend. You hope to teach him some more words soon, and you want to become really good friends.
twosmiling-SIBLINGS - Smile and Sis
Smile - This is Smile. You two definitely didn't get along at first, nuuupe. He was so intent on believing that you planned to hurt his little sister, but after he lost her ironic, right? and you 'earned his trust', you think you two can get along pretty well.
Sis - This is Sis. She really likes your mareep ( which, admittedly, is kinda scared of her because of her brother's words ) and you really like her. You were able to find her, and for that, her brother was thankful. You hope to become better friends with this cutie.
im-a-okay - Vincent
This is Vincent, and he's a pretty cool guy. He's very honest with you, complimenting you and all...but he just told you that you were from a video game. WOAH.
blissful-WHITE - Touko
OMG OMG GUYS IT'S TOUKO-- This is Touko, the former Pokemon Champion. You ended up stumbling across her while training with Samurott. She really likes you because you recognize that her Gothitelle is in fact a male. /derps

[ unsure ]
fleeting-elegance - Kuja
This guy is weird. He basically insulted you for not being...the brightest bulb in the pack. Now, let's try to fix this...she kinda likes him, in a way. As in, eventually she'll get him to like her as a friend. She hates it when someone doesn't like her for reasons that aren't really her fault...this wasn't her fault, right? o.o'' You hope you can rectify this with him.
Ask-Icarus - Icarus
( lol i'll do it after the storm, with my power threatening to go.. )
Takeda-Ryousuke - Takeda
( lol i'll do it after the storm, with my power threatening to go.. )

[ enemies ]
( better not be any )

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Thanks for being there, Natural. I love you. <3 [ ✉ 30+ ]

Name - Rosa (Japanese: メイ Mei)
Age - admin is going with 16 ouo
Height - Average
Weight - Average

Personality - Rosa's a pretty sweet girl who gets along with basically everyone. There isn't really a way to get on her bad side. ( admin really can't explain it, so just rp with her, she dun bite :meow: )

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